GuapPay is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency & Small Business

Easy Onboarding For Customers

Cryptocurrency in the palm of your hand

  • In App Management

    Easily manage top-ups, spending, and transfers

  • Tap-N-Pay

    Pay for in store purchases using Tap-N-Pay ( NFC POS payment )

  • Instant Settlement

    No wait for crypto settlements, get your coffee while it's still hot!

  • Low Fees

    Transaction fees shouldn't be a barrier to using crypto these days. Especially on the Guapcoin protocol!

  • Customer Support

    Real community support and customer training tools designed to strengthen customers who are new to crypto.

App Launch August 2022

Easy Onboarding For Merchants

The tools that make transactions painless

  • Tap-N-Pay

    Accept Guapcoin in a frictionless manner ( NFC POS payment )

  • No Monthly Costs*

    No monthly fee to participate or use the device.

  • Low Transaction Fees

    Low per transaction fee and no surprise charges.

  • Merchant Support

    Real community support and merchant training tools designed to strengthen merchants who are new to crypto.

  • Plug & Play Devices

    Accepting cryptocurrency for your products & services doesn't have to be clunky. Acquire a device that fits into your existing ecosystem painlessly.

POS Launch August 2022

GuapPay is the missing link to using Crypto for Commerce

Consumers Guapcoin

GuapPay provides tools to make interacting with cryptocurrency and the real world painless and intuitive.

Merchants Guapcoin

Accept crypto, grow your business, and stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing payments landscape. 

Ambassadors Guapcoin

Earn crypto by onboarding and providing Tier 1 support to Merchant in the GuapPay network.