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Simple to use tap-n-pay devices are critical for merchant success in the crypto world. Small Businesses don’t have the available bandwidth to navigate the complex world of blockchain transactions while running a busy operation. Cryptocurrency should fit within their current business model in a frictionless manner. 


The ability to move money in and out of ecosystems is extremely important. GuapPay utilizes a decentralized pool of liquidity to provide options for Merchants pay vendors, purchase inventory, and pay their bills.


In the world of crypto communities serve key purposes in order to keep the currency alive and thriving. We believe the most important purpose is to provide each other with support. GuapPay is launching a safe support community that incentivizes members to support customers and merchants on the platform. Community Ambassadors can earn crypto for every satisfactory resolution they provide to members of the platform. 

What are some of the benefits of accepting Guapcoin?

  • Fast Settlement

    Get access to your money right away. Guapcoin does not filter through middlemen.

  • No Chargebacks

    Settle issues with customers the traditional way - one to one communication. Protect your business reputation from fraudulent purchases & chargebacks.

  • Access to Capital

    You participation opens up more opportunities for you to scale by tapping into Guapcoin DAOs ( Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ) for funding.

  • Empowerment

    Contribute towards data points that help determine how money is reinvested into communities

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