What is the benefit of accepting Guap Coin?

The inherent benefit of accepting Guap Coin, especially as a black-owned business, is the ability to tap into community loyalty and see the visible effects of doing so. Guap Coin has it’s own blockchain that will serve as the data window into Black Spending.

What is the benefit of accepting cryptocurrency?

Providing your customers with decentralized alternatives to spending a local fiat currency gives them a financial safe haven despite any political or socio-economic instability. It also gives them the ability to spend without restriction.

Once I purchase a POS device will I have to pay any ongoing fees?

We offer an optional premium monthly merchant fee of $99.99 that covers support and training.

Do Point-Of-Sale devices come with any cryptocurrency?

Our POS devices come crypto-ready, meaning they are ready to accept cryptocurrencies as well as top up cryptocurrency balances.

Are there any transaction fees?

There are various network fees associated with the movement of each individual cryptocurrency that is covered with a flat per transaction fee of each device.

Does the debit card have any association with your personal credit or information?

No it does not, just like cryptocurrency is not linked to any personal information – neither is your debit card. It is only linked to your crypto wallets.

Do you offer wholesale devices?

Yes we do – click here to contact us.