About Guap Pay

Guap Pay is not just a payment processing company. It is a company with a mission of sparking the mass adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide by making cryptocurrency ACCESSIBLE to the masses.

Guap Pay was established in 2018 by Tavonia Evans, the founder of Guap Coin – a cryptocurrency developed to become a financial voice for the global spending power of Black people. The mission to empower black people with financial alternatives cannot be completed without solving the basic problem cryptocurrency has – accessibility.

Guap Pay is solving a problem that will send a ripple effect throughout the crypto community by bridging merchants and consumers with tools that make it easy to transact using digital currencies. Guap Pay is bridging technology with the tools the masses are used to working with and clearing the path for the decentralization of money.


Cryptocurrency Point-Of-Sale devices that accept Guap Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and partner currencies.

Cryptocurrency debit cards featuring revolutionaries such as Harriet Tubman.

Plugins for popular eCommerce solutions such as Woocommerce (WordPress) and Shopify.

Mobile payments apps (IOS & Android)